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Autosuggest is an electronic rock band formed in Sydney, Australia by singer/songwriter Alec Mallia with guitarist Jordan Sexty from post-punk adorations and contemporary influences.

First arriving in 2017 with their Murmur EP, and later releasing their debut album in 2019, Tame Harm (featuring 2018’s 97th most played song on Sydney’s FBi Radio, ‘Heron’). Autosuggest would go on in 2021 to release their second studio album Introhedonism that would debut the band to a new global audience with aggressive single releases.

Fusing together searing contemporary electronic sounds with the swagger of rock and the vibrancy of classic pop arrangements, Autosuggest continue to defy traditions and constraints to make a wholly authentic and daring body of work.


Inspired by everything from INXS to SOPHIE, BV to Sevdaliza, Autosuggest has become a mainstay in the underground Sydney music scene thanks to their fearless self-expression through musical experimentalism.

Image: Georgia Griffiths

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